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What we do

Multilingual Translation and Localization

Translation of various texts, journals, books, documents in any field in to any language in Nigeria, Africa and the World.

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Law and Legal Translations

Professional Legal Translation is a specialized field that requires precision, consistency and accuracy, every little detail matters.

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Website Translation

Our team of professional Translators  and native speakers are available to translate your website to any language of your choice. 

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Call Centre Support/ Recruitment

We are a reliable outsourcing firm for Call Centre agents.

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We provide excellent transcription services. Audio, Video, E-meetings, Seminars, Webinars  etc.  

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Subtitling and Captioning

L1 Language Team provides professional Video Subtitling  and Captioning Services which can be delivered in all formats.

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L1 Language Team is a certified interpretation agency with over 10 years experience of providing expert interpretation services.

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Data Entry & Copywriting

Our experienced data analysts and copywriters are always available to handle your data analysis with speed and accuracy.

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looking for translation services in over 150 languages and dialects in nigeria, africa and the world?

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