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Looking for translation services in over 150 languages and dialects in Nigeria, Africa and the world?

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Multilingual Translation and Localization

Translation of various texts, journals, books, documents in any field in to

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Call Centre Support/ Recruitment

We are a reliable outsourcing firm for Call Centre agents.L1 Language Team runs

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Proofreading & Editing

We take up proofreading and editing tasks of your texts, documents and journals.

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Voice Over

At L1 Language Solutions, our clients trust us to provide world-class professional voice over

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Law and Legal Translations

Professional Legal Translation is a specialized field that requires precision,

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We provide excellent transcription services. Audio, Video, E-meetings, Seminars,

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L1 Language Team is a certified interpretation agency with over 10 years experience

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Language Consultancy

We offer consultancy services for local and international firms, translation Companies

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Website Translation

Our team of professional Translators  and native speakers are available

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Subtitling and Captioning

L1 Language Team provides professional Video Subtitling  and Captioning Services

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Data Entry & Copywriting:

Our experienced data analysts and copywriters are always available to handle

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Online Classes

Online Classes for learners. At L-One Language Solutions, We understand the

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You can be part of this great team and help make difference in the world. What local language do you speak? We prefer native speakers with good command of English Language.

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